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Together We Slay the Unseen

The Age of the Guru is over.

At the center of your being you have the answer and you always have. You don't need to pay expensive coaches or chase a guru for their knowledge. You simply need to be guided into the depths of what the Universe calls Truth. The true you is waiting and when you feel called you will go seeking a better way of living. 

As you unfold the illusions, you will see that this game of life is quite simple to play, but rather it's the human experience from our past that clouds the way. In order to change your course of direction, you must have new levels of consciousness or understandings brought into your awareness. 

Together we will study the universal laws, science of human nature, and depth psychology to assist us in recalling who we were before the programming and self-beliefs were born. Next, we "do the work" and integrate all aspects of Self. That includes the good, the uncomfortable, and the ugliness within us all.  

Ultimately, we move to a place of embodiment with the goal of embracing all aspects of ourself that got us to where we are today. This transformation that ensues will be your most epic of rewards. 

This is your Hero's Journey. 
We are walking beside you helping light the way.
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